“I won more than a battle…”

-“Juliana: It’s been a year at your job. How do you feel about things?” 

-“Well, I have learned a ton, but to be honest with you, I fought hard against something that has a mind of its own. We argued constantly on who was making mistakes. Sometimes it would pretend like I didn’t provide the right information as just gave up on me…I was close to crying a few Fridays. We had several deadlines and it wouldn’t cooperate with me at the last minute. But the day we were finally able to understand each other and work harmoniously, I felt like I won more than a battle…I won the war”.

-“Wow, it sounds pretty heated…”

-“…and passionate…and frustrating. A love/hate relationship because we need each other, and we know that, all too well”. 

-“I am dying to hear who this is. Are you going to tell me?”.

-“I guess it’s ok now. It’ Timesheet, Online Timesheet from HR”.

 Copyright  Juliana M. Martinez Fajardo

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About julianamartinezfajardo

To make the disclamer that I am indeed a professional writer, would be a big fat lie. To share my life adventures in writing and make you want to keep reading is a better way to illustrate how the lenses of my bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual life will draw you in. Living a "dual" life is an interesting proposition after all. It is my writing how I choose to engage with the world and document it for my loved ones...while managing to get a smile out of you. If while reading my blog, you in fact smile, laugh uncontrollably and dry the tears of joy from your eyes, drop me a line. It will make my day. Gracias visitante.

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