There are truths in the fog

I step into the fog and it coats my face with cool moist air.

It is so thick I cannot see anyway,  so I close my eyes and trust my feet to take me where I need to go.

The ground below my feet seems deep and soft,  I feel branches tugging at my clothes.

There is no sound but that of my weary heart beating and echoing through my mind,  my warm  blood rushing to and fro.

I find peace here in the unknown.

I accept it and welcome it and realize it is no fallacy,  it is true,  it is real,  I can feel it and taste it and there is no lie it can propose.

My life has meaning as I might give it,  it is as real as I might choose to live it.

It is my own,  and I validate it not in disguise,  but show others it is me they know and not the air of ever lasting lies.


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