On the falling shoulders of the tired men
in front of me in the elevator,
Through the absent stares of the women
looking into the long lists of the future,
I want the light of grace to fly
like an albatross,
swooping down
to follow our small ships.

Copyright Kay Winter


2 thoughts on “Albatross

  1. I like this, Kay. I work with these people. I’m intrigued that, out of all the birds you could have used here, you chose the albatross. I’ll assume it was a Coleridge allusion. 50 Cool Points for you!


    • And you get 100 points for knowing the allusion! Yes, an albatross following is good luck for a ship at sea. The sailor in Coleridge kills the albatross and brings bad luck. Somthe symbolmis one of both good luck and bad luck, depending on the response.


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