“Blue is the new black”

Blue happens to have the ability to be any color one wishes…
We live in a blue planet, stare at a blue sky and can easily get lost in big blue eyes.
But in my case, at this particular time, blue was inevitably the vast new black.

It wasn’t the blue worn by prestigious doctors and caring  nurses…
It was the blue for those who are kept from the outside,
For their own sake…for other’s sake, sometimes.

It was a week of sorts, and while others got to wear their own clothes…
I was kept in blue, for fear of  “Gone”.
But my confused self I keep asking: “How would I escape? Do you actually think I could?”

I protested in madness,…pouting during the day, raising  hell at night.
Only have flashes of those moments, as I had never lost my consciousness so bad.
My clothes were my dignity at that point and I was being refused of such a basic right.

When the butterflies  started to fly low…
I explained to the doctor in blue, how his cultural blindness made me the clown in blue.
He listened but wondered as well, if I was gaining clarity, “Is her mind just right again?”.

I now refuse to be embarrassed by it all, because it wasn’t everything I am.
Only  the ups and downs…that dressed in blue…
my clouded mind experienced, the new black truth.

Copyright Juliana Martinez-Fajardo

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About julianamartinezfajardo

To make the disclamer that I am indeed a professional writer, would be a big fat lie. To share my life adventures in writing and make you want to keep reading is a better way to illustrate how the lenses of my bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual life will draw you in. Living a "dual" life is an interesting proposition after all. It is my writing how I choose to engage with the world and document it for my loved ones...while managing to get a smile out of you. If while reading my blog, you in fact smile, laugh uncontrollably and dry the tears of joy from your eyes, drop me a line. It will make my day. Gracias visitante.

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