An Awful Short Story

I recently entered the following short story into the Bad Gaiman Challenge, hosted by Wits Radio. The challenge: write a story in the style of Neil Gaiman, but very, very poorly.

My story was selected out of the pile of rubbish prose and was read by Neil Gaiman during the Wits variety show on November 8th. 

Here is the wretched, little tale (and if you’d like a bit more information about the whole event, please visit my blog).

The world’s tiniest poker game took place on the head of a pin. All the usual suspects were invited: Marv the unicorn, Cornelius the animate skeleton, Wasp the pig, and Henrietta the imp. I stumbled upon the game when I was travelling to my grandmother’s house in Mug-Wumpton—jabbed my foot right into the pin and caused Wasp the pig to spill the extra aces he kept tucked in his waistcoat. It probably wouldn’t have happened if the sky over Mug-Wumpton wasn’t a sickly purple that day. But the sky rats were out and the she-boars were lactating, so the sky changed and the pin was stepped on and poor Wasp the pig was never invited to another poker game again.

(c) Kate Bitters

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About katebitters

Hello, friends. I'm a freelance writer, editor, and author. I've published one lit fiction novel called Elmer Left (about an elderly man who runs away from home) and one dystopian novel called Ten Thousand Lines. When I'm not writing, you can find me tromping around the lakes with my dog, Dobby, and my partner-in-crime, Eric. I write children's books under the name Kate Leibfried.

4 thoughts on “An Awful Short Story

  1. This was so well done it wasn’t awful at all. And what a thrill to hear Neil Gaimon read it on the radio. Kate Bitters? I know Kate Bitters. Hey! I know Kate Bitters!!


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