I still love you…

I still love you…and that is a problem.
I know we weren’t right for each other but that is exactly what…

My head tells me.
My heart faces a different reality…
My guts are still mad at how everything ended…
My legs want to walk forward, but at times…
My lungs can’t breathe easily, because…
My eyes are crying out like it was years ago and…
My belly grieves the motherhood that will never be…

…reason why I fill it up with éclair doughnuts from Super America 🙂

(…and I hope that you, my fellow Midtown Writers can enjoy a doughnut with me on Saturday, in remembrance of impossible love stories. Can’t wait to see you all again)

(c) Juliana M. Martinez Fajardo

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About julianamartinezfajardo

To make the disclamer that I am indeed a professional writer, would be a big fat lie. To share my life adventures in writing and make you want to keep reading is a better way to illustrate how the lenses of my bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual life will draw you in. Living a "dual" life is an interesting proposition after all. It is my writing how I choose to engage with the world and document it for my loved ones...while managing to get a smile out of you. If while reading my blog, you in fact smile, laugh uncontrollably and dry the tears of joy from your eyes, drop me a line. It will make my day. Gracias visitante.

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