Demeter’s Daughter

I know what you see when you look at me;
you see a big woman, . . .

a woman confident and able,
roomy, red cheeked, and lush,
comforting and comfortable,
soft, yet solid and wide of girth.
My eyes tell you
I am a woman you can trust.
Opinionated and outspoken,
I am an honest woman with a big mouth,
and a big heart,
who speaks what’s on her mind;
a woman of wit and wisdom,
sarcasm and mirth . . .
sometimes an angry warrior;
an Amazon you do not push,
. . . a real Mother Earth.

What you do not see, when you look at me,
is the little girl, the timid child
who hides behind the big woman.
The child who does not laugh,
who does not cry,
who does not speak;
a black velvet painting child
with huge haunted eyes,
always watching,
who clutches at the hem
of the big strong woman.
But sometimes, if you look
very close and very hard,
you can see the shadow
she casts as she tiptoes past,
behind the eyes of the
big Earth Mother.
Now! Quick! See her there?
Persephone . . .
quaking in the shadows.

— Elaine Pedersen ©


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