My Favorite Ghost

(Words and Music by Tim D.)

(Verse 1)

Hell yes I’m real like you,

Real like Kurt Cobain.

I’ll never feel like you,

But can you feel the rain?

(Chorus 1)

I spent a fortune on cheap wine.

I spent all day with Channel 9.

I got a black and white TV

And it’s watching me.

Seems like it’s watching me…

(Verse 2)

I smoke a stolen cigarette.

I drink poison mixed with Sprite.

This is as good as it gets.

My daydreams last all night.

(Chorus 2)

But it’s always Halloween inside.

My demons wanna take a ride.

I close my eyes, it’s cold in here.

I made you disappear.

I watched you disappear…


Since you been gone,

My life is haunted.

You’re my favorite ghost,

All that I wanted.

Copyright Tim D.


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