When my petals least expected it

Finding myself to be a simple little flower,
Passively bathing under the sun…without expecting much more warming.
Couldn’t enjoy the wind traveling by my sides…
Or the morning drops of water that would feed my yellow heart.

When all the sudden, a little bee flew by.
I have seen the noisy intruder, but no attention gave at all.
Although when my petals least expected it,
The little bee sang a cutely silly song.

I could no longer ignore the bee’s requests to dance a tune.
Sunbathing finally felt warm.  Winds surrounding me, felt adventurous and fun.
And the every morning drops that could not do their job before,
When my petals least expected it, they could finally do their work.

“Little bee, you’ve done your deed, but don’t leave me quite so soon…
When my petals least expected it, they welcomed your friendly moves”.
“Don’t worry pretty flower, I am not going anywhere…
For that big yellow heart of yours, it’s all there for me to take”

 And when my petals least expected it, the little bee was right again.

Juliana M. Martinez Fajardo (Copyright)

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About julianamartinezfajardo

To make the disclamer that I am indeed a professional writer, would be a big fat lie. To share my life adventures in writing and make you want to keep reading is a better way to illustrate how the lenses of my bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual life will draw you in. Living a "dual" life is an interesting proposition after all. It is my writing how I choose to engage with the world and document it for my loved ones...while managing to get a smile out of you. If while reading my blog, you in fact smile, laugh uncontrollably and dry the tears of joy from your eyes, drop me a line. It will make my day. Gracias visitante.

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