The Perfect-Imperfect Picture

Sometimes cameras capture a perfect moment with imperfect features.
Punta Cana was the place and a beach our host.
Not sure what came above us but at one given time,
My niece, nephews and I closed our eyes in a single rhyme.

The reason? A splash of water maybe, an intrusive wind of sorts.
But what I like about captured memory,
Is how playful the sand was,
Using our hands to build a castle, or at very least to try.

We were together playing and laughing before and after the flash.
This perfect imperfection just shows how fun it was.

(Copyright) Juliana M. Martinez Fajardo

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About julianamartinezfajardo

To make the disclamer that I am indeed a professional writer, would be a big fat lie. To share my life adventures in writing and make you want to keep reading is a better way to illustrate how the lenses of my bi-cultural, bi-racial, bi-lingual life will draw you in. Living a "dual" life is an interesting proposition after all. It is my writing how I choose to engage with the world and document it for my loved ones...while managing to get a smile out of you. If while reading my blog, you in fact smile, laugh uncontrollably and dry the tears of joy from your eyes, drop me a line. It will make my day. Gracias visitante.

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