Lovers Wet and Dry

There’s a rustle in the grass
where a snake goes wriggling through,
a dampness on the earth,
fresh fallen morning canopy of dew.

I lie here in the leaves
watching clouds float by above
asking daisies, petal pull by petal pull,
to tell me what they know of love.

One pluck tells me you love me,
the next tells me no, not true;
such answers can’t be found in weeds and flowers,
but whispered only from the lips of you.

You know what I seek by brook and by glade,
amidst forests dark and wild;
A look, a kiss, a promise
carried on the wind to bless this Nature’s child.

One from land, and one from sea are we,
and cannot meet on neutral shore;
Alone, untouched, I wait for high tide love,
when water covers soil once more.

— Copyright Elaine Pedersen


4 thoughts on “Lovers Wet and Dry

    • Thank you, Shira. I appreciate your feedback.

      *- Peace like a river -*

      *Elaine Pedersen* 8600 Old Cedar Ave. S., #304 Bloomington, MN 55425-2021 *PH: (612) 331-2596*

      *”My religion is very simple . . . my religion is kindness.” – Dali Lama -*

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