Still Sleeping

He traveled the universe

while he was sleeping.

He was omniscient there.

Everything was so clear.

He was brilliant.

He composed symphonies

in his mind and

reminded himself to

write them down later.

He traveled through time.

He remembered being born,

hanging upside down, crying,

one minute old.

He went to kindergarten and

he knew which kid

would be a doctor,

a janitor,

a singer or

a killer.

He learned truth.

“God has no religion,”

Gandhi whispered in his ear.

“He’s right, said Jesus.

“Yes, he is,” echoed Muhammad.

Stars rushed by

like snowflakes in a blizzard.

He knew he was sleeping yet

he knew it was all real.

Nothing would change

when he opened his eyes.

He was conscious.

He was driving through poems.

He went back to 1977,

took his dog for a walk and

heaven was right there.

They smiled at each other.

They started to run.

They flew through a sea of stars

until the alarm clock

went off like a bomb.

Copyright Timothy Downs


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