Shadow man

I’ve been searching for something for so long I’ve forgotten what it is I’m searching for, all I know is that I keep rounding a corner in the road only to see that backside of me walking in the other direction. I try to catch up but I always seem to be just a step ahead of myself. Sometimes I pause, I being the one ahead of me, I don’t look back, and I just stand there waiting for something and for what I don’t know. But I can’t make myself approach me, and I wait until I continue on, waiting for the distance to become comfortable again before I step back into my shadow and continue on this way.

Every now and then when its quiet and no one else is around I can feel my presence, I can hear my breath and occasionally I think I can even hear my own heart beat. When the clouds crowd in around us I feel as though I’m fading away, it gets dark and I become numb, that’s when I feel the most unseen, the most obscure. And I pray for the light, for the sun and those long summer days so I can see my path once again. So I can seek that connection with myself just for a little again.


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