God is a Girl (Excerpt 3)


            Ronnie was the bomb.  She was in his training class when he started this last job, and he noticed her the first time he walked in the room.  She was sitting in the front row of the meeting room, hair up, brown eyes, yummy, kissy lips.

He was relieved to find that she would still be in her group when they separated the new employees into job-related groups.  This was huge, because it afforded him the opportunity to take things slowly, a rare feat for him and definitely not his forte.

For the next month, she sat one row over, his back to her.  He made fabulous, hilarious observations for 30 days, with the occasional face to face, always quick to fade away and hopefully leave her wondering what he was all about.  He dressed carefully and well.  He was nice to everyone so it wouldn’t be obvious that his goal was to get next to her.  He played his cards deliberately.

He learned that she had only recently escaped a doomed, 7-year relationship.  Taking things slowly was obviously the only option now.  She wouldn’t be seeking a relationship, and he didn’t want to be “Rebound Guy.”

He became “Rebound Guy.”  They had good times together.  They had great sex.  He remembered clearly one instance when they were playing around on his bed when she looked him deeply in the eye and stated happily, “I just adore you!”  It was over for him at that exact moment, or another just like it.  Despite his best intentions, despite his desire to be desireless, he wanted her. All of her. And they soon became friends, and then they returned to strangers.  He drove around one night listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, picturing his hands on her naked hips, her car outside his window, remembering her big, brown eyes wide open as they kissed.  He turned left on Lyndale Avenue, feeling melancholy and infinitely sad.


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