A Day in Paradise

The silence was incredible, my ears were wide open but there was no sound except for that of my canoe paddle as it dipped into the still, translucent waters. I glanced behind me and watched as the ripples from my draft continued on; rolling over the surface of the lake outward towards the far off shores of remote granite islands dotting Lake Seganaga.

The sky was deep blue with few downy white clouds. The haunting call of a loon somewhere out on the lake echoed between the islands and their small hidden bays. I looked in front of me and there, still, eyes closed and her head tilted back absorbing the warmth from the sun, letting its rays wash over her cheeks, and her long, dark hair glistening, falling over her freckled shoulders. This is paradise.

We found a small wooded isle, sheltered in Birch trees, towering pines and thick, surreal moss covering the forest floor. We have seen no other people, we are alone, together, and we sit on the rocks and watch as Black Bears swim past from island to island searching for wild blue berries.

When the sun grows high over head we find ourselves half submersed, naked in the cool, clear boundary waters, shared only by a small grouping of Redhead ducks dabbling along the reeds at the shoreline.

As the day retires, and the sun sinks low on the Canadian horizon, we lie together on the black rocks and watch as the sky becomes eviscerated in bright hues of pink and orange. Then quickly it disappears and our world turns dark, but for the reflection of millions of stars in the surface of the lake, they glimmer and sparkle throughout the night as the air cools sand the forest comes alive with the sounds of critters stumbling about, foraging and exploring.

Eventually we find ourselves tucked into our sleeping bags in our tent, listening to the night, drifting off into slumber to dream of another day in paradise.


2 thoughts on “A Day in Paradise

  1. We all have different definitions of paradise, and for me, with you right there beside me, living in the very moment –the only moment we had, without a watch or a phone– while the sun made its way from east to west and we were explorers on a new land, in all its glory, was our own paradise.

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