an ‘Ol Shabby Rockin’ Chair

On a particularly warm summer afternoon the old man, rocking in an ‘ol rickety, shabby chair looked down at his once strong and agile, but now aged wrist, where he once wore his favorite silver watch and said, in a tender, shaken ton, “where did the time go?”

Where is the mercy when we wake up one Sunday and realize that the days before us are less than those behind? When it suddenly feels as though we are out of time to see all of our dreams to fruition?

Where is the justice in knowing that the garden we tend, will continue to fruit long after we have gone?

As he sees his children grow up seemingly so fast, he quietly begs for more time, he promises to give back all those sunsets and days wandering along the river just to sit here in his chair and watch his children smile a little while longer.

These days the sun rises and sets so fast that he often feels as though he’s slept through the summer, How he misses running through the sprinkler, crawling along the muddy river catching frogs, laughing at the incidental innocence of his children at play, in sock feet and leaping to catch candy from the raspberry queen as she passes on her blossom laden float.

He’s afraid the path before him is winding down and he’s getting tired. The light changes into dusty amber as the sun descends behind the trees. The forest before him grows thick and dark.

His children gather around him now and smile with pained faces, his grandchildren puzzled. His younger lover holds his hand and whispers how she loves him, but he can barely feel her soft touch any longer. And her voice begins to float away like an echo.

Somewhere far off in the distance he hears subtle voices, the warmth leaves his body now but he is not cold, and his mind slips away to another time and another place. And in his ear, he hears faintly, his favorite watch as it slows to a stop.

On a particularly warm, summer afternoon, an old woman rocks in an ‘ol shabby chair, caresses the worn down wooden arms and smiles to herself and says in a tired, shallow voice, “it won’t be long now darling”.



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