Super Fuzz

Me and this guy from work

decided to start a band.

We decided to name it

Super Fuzz,

which I thought was a good name, and

naming the band is really

an important step.

(Otherwise, you may end up with a good band

with a stupid name,

like Foo Fighters or Goo Goo Dolls.)

Alas, it turned out that my co-worker

was more weird than talented.


So I’m still looking to start a band.

The flyer will read:

Super Fuzz seeks like-minded power poppers

to play guitar bass keys drums and harmony,

fill stadiums and/or coffee shops

with songs about love and

other drugs.

Please call or text Tim D. at 867-5309.

Please have your own gear and

your own desperate dreams and

an open mind.

*Must know at least A, E, G and D.


I’ll put this flyer up at Dunn Brothers,

maybe Cheapo or Roadrunner,

post it on Craigslist, too.

At some point,

the phone will ring and

it will be that strange fucker from work.


I will continue to be Super Fuzz

all by myself.






-Copyright Timothy Downs


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