I rarely just post a quote or a statement or what have you, but sometimes I have fleeting moments where I feel things I cannot seem to pen into a certain place, sometimes it is just a word, often times a sentence or a reflection of a belief or refracted emotions streaming through my mind from the world around me.

In a time when there is so much diversity to be witnessed, so much beautiful variance to be seen, the world is full of people whom practice intolerance towards those who are dissimilar in their practices, or religions of appearances’ or political views.

And to fix things, to be better we are told we ought to apply tolerance, but I disagree, I can tolerate a certain level of pain, I can tolerate those whom badger or treat others with disrespect, I can even tolerate bad smells.

But I don’t think we should simply be tolerating each other, I believe we ought to accept each other, for our differences, for our varying beliefs and colors and our talents.

It is my belief that we should practice acceptance for those who’ve chosen a different path, and admiration for the strength it takes to do so and maintain their course.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe there is room in this world for those whom purposely hurt others, for those whom make it their purpose to eliminate and cause pain rather than love and honor and respect.

I will protect those less vulnerable, those who are victims of such behavior with whatever breath and strength I have, it’s an oath I took as a friend, a parent, as a soldier and as a member of society. We in America have lost much of our way, I don’t believe that those whom erected Lady Liberty at our shores thought, “We shall tolerate those damned, those lost…” I think they believed in a world where we could accept those from abroad whom are being persecuted for their differing beliefs and so on.

Love is not tolerance, love is acceptance, honor, admiration and celebration for who those around us, in all of their selves, strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, differences and all.

Are we capable, can we evolve beyond tolerance to acceptance?


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