Tailgate Day Dreaming

I sat on the open tailgate of my truck backed up to the lake, my feet hung just above the dark, cold water. I closed my eyes and felt the early November sun’s rays as they caressed my face. The air was thin, barely warm and the surface of the lake was peppered with busy American Coots with their murky plumage and bright yellow bills splashing and diving about.

Days like this are far and few in between this time of year, the sun more prevalent beyond the clouds on a regular basis and the ground normally wet and sometimes dusted with an early frost. Usually the winter coats have been donned and gloves worn against the impending winter chill.

But on this day as I sit and enjoy my lunch at Parker’s Lake from the bed of my truck I absorb the fresh air and smell of fallen leaves. This is the time of transition when we set our clocks back and we plunge into five and possibly six months of winter. But today I watch the waterfowl and the muskrats and I enjoy the afternoon, eat my fresh, cool radishes and daydream as I stare into the brilliant shine from the sun cascading across the water, reflecting a blue clear sky.


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