Little lost rabbit

A small college was built on the shores of Lake Michigan, the college was smaller than most other schools, but it was still a wonderful place to go and learn. Many different people went to this school, some of them lived in buildings at the school that were called dormitories, and some of them lived in houses or apartments nearby.  Of course people weren’t the only ones who lived near the small college, because the college was built right near the lake it was also home to many, many animals. Students walking to class every day would hear birds singing in the trees, they would see fat geese sitting on the lawns resting their wings after a long flight, they would see squirrels chasing each other through the trees, and sometimes, if they were very lucky, they would see rabbits hoping through the bushes.

There were many families of rabbits living in the school, most of them lived in the woods that surrounded some of the parking lots, but a few also lived in bushes and burrows near the dorms. The rabbits liked these places because they were warm homes where your didn’t have to worry about the dangers that came from living in the forest. One baby bunny that lived at this school was named Baby Bunny, Baby Bunny lived with his family in a cozy little burrow under a bush next to one of the dormitories.

Baby Bunny lived in the burrow with his parents, three sisters; Gigi, Mimi, and Vicki, and his brother Kyle. The five of them would play games in the burrow all the time. They would jump around to see who could go get closest to the roof of the burrow and they would race from one end of the burrow to the other to see who was the fastest, and at night they would all curl up together next to their mother and sleep in a nice warm pile.  Baby Bunny loved living here and playing with his brother and sisters, but he also loved the burrow because he could watch all of the humans moving around the school all day.

Baby Bunny was a curious little brown rabbit who would often watch the large two-legged human creatures come and go from one place to another. The humans all seemed very interesting, always going to different places and doing different things. Baby Bunny saw humans riding strange two wheeled metal things, and some of them raced back and forth on large shoes with wheels on the bottom. Baby Bunny wanted to see more humans, he wanted to get to know them and understand more about their strange things and find out why humans went to and from places so much.  Baby Bunny was also amazed at how many different kinds of humans their seemed to be, some were tall and some were short, some were round and some were thin, some had light skin, and some had dark skin.

Every morning Baby Bunny would hop over to the edge of the bush and stare out to watch the humans, his mother Tilly would always find him and scold, “Baby Bunny, you need to be more careful, remember that humans are very big and you are very small, if you went out there you could get hurt. Humans have do a lot of things we rabbits don’t understand and some the things they use can be dangerous to us.” Tilly pointed a car to a large metal thing with four wheels that was rolling down the big black stone walk that ran by their burrow, the one the humans used to go everywhere, “You see those things, humans use those big metal boxes to go from one place to the next, and if you ever got hit by one it would hurt you very badly. Remember to be careful around humans my little one.”

Baby Bunny twitched his nose as he saw two tall human with dark hair climb into the metal box and pull the large things that swung out of the box closed with a large ‘clang’. The metal box made a large noise, causing Baby Bunny to jump back slightly, then the metal box started moving again.

Baby Bunny’s mother Tilly said, “You see what I me?”

Baby Bunny was afraid, but he also wanted to know more about what he’d seen, “but mama, why do humans need those metal boxes to go places when they can just use their paws like we do?”

Tilly nuzzled his head, “I don’t know, humans do many strange things, but those things don’t have anything to do with us, that’s why you should stay away from it.”

Even though Baby Bunny was scared of some of the loud noises and strange things humans did, he was still curious about them. Baby Bunny wanted to go out and spend time with the humans, he wanted to see them and understand why they did things. There always seemed to be so much going on with the humans, their lives seemed so much more interesting than being a rabbit living under a bush.  Baby Bunny continued to watch humans come and go every day, sometimes he would even sneak out from under the bush and hop along the front of the school buildings to look at them.

One day, Baby Bunny sat watching humans and he saw something really incredible, a human boy with short spiky hair came out of the building throwing a shiny ball into the air, every time the human threw the ball and caught it the ball would light up and make a loud noise ‘beep, beep, beep, beep’. Baby Bunny starred at the toy, he had never seen anything like it before in his life, he wanted to try it himself, would the toy make a different noise if Baby Bunny hit it with his paws? How far could Baby Bunny hit the toy if he batted it hard?

Baby Bunny looked around to make sure no one was watching and then he hoped off after the boy who kept throwing the ball up and catching it in his hand. Baby Bunny hopped after the bow wanting desperately to catch the toy and try it himself, but the boy walked into a building. Baby Bunny tried to follow, but the door closed behind the boy and Baby Bunny couldn’t open it by himself.  Baby Bunny thought of going back home, but he looked around and saw a group of humans walking to another building drinking from something in their hands. One of the humans held something shiny in her hand, the shiny thing seemed to be connected to the humans head by a long string. Baby Bunny starred curiously and wondered what the shiny thing was.

Baby Bunny decided to follow the humans and find out if he could learn more about them, Baby Bunny hopped over and started walking behind the humans. One of them said, “Lisa, will you please turn off your Ipod. You’ve been listening to that Taylor Swift album for over an hour.”

The girl pulled one of the strings away from her head and said, “I told you Sarah I need to learn this, I’m singing it in the talent show next week and the last thing I need is to forget the words when I’m standing in front of everyone.”

Baby Bunny watched followed along as the girl Lisa put the string back on her head, a moment later a deep human voice called, “Behind you.” The girls moved and Baby Bunny turned and jumped onto the nearby patch of grass, a human boy came swooshing past, standing on a long stick with four wheels on the bottom. He grinned at the girls and said, “Good morning ladies.”

The girl called Sarah shook her head, “poser.” And the boy kept moving. Baby Bunny followed the girls until they came to a large grey building. Sarah said, “I am starving, I hope they have more of that spaghetti for lunch today.”

Another girls stuck out her tongue, “I hate spaghetti, I’d rather have a burger.”

Sarah turned to her, “Well, luckily for you they have burgers every day, now come one. Let’s go before the rush hits.”

Baby Bunny watched them walk into the building, as he saw them go Baby Bunny wondered, “what is it like inside those big things? Could I get in and see one? I bet it would be so interesting in there.” Baby Bunny watched as humans came and went through the building, he saw a boy hold open a large door for a lady carrying boxes and gave a shout, “this is it! I can get in now!”

Baby Bunny hopped forward eagerly, he wanted to see inside the human place, but before he could get there a huge noise came from behind him. It was loud and scary, it sounded like the dogs barking, Baby Bunny started to shiver, he did not like dogs, his mother had told him dogs can attack and hurt bunnies like him. The barking got louder and louder and Baby Bunny turned, he couldn’t see the dog, but he knew it had to be close, “I better get home now!”

Baby Bunny turned and ran back towards the little bush where his family was, he hopped as fast as he could hoping the dog couldn’t smell him. As Baby Bunny bounded off two boys standing under the flag pole in front of the building laughed, one of them said, “Man, that is the weirdest ring tone I have ever heard. Who would want a ring ton of dog’s barking?”

The other guy shrugged, “This way, I’ll always hear it and I don’t have to worry about mistaking the music for whatever’s playing on my radio or in my dorm. Besides you’re not one to talk, you’re ringtone’s the theme from Rocky.”

Baby Bunny didn’t hear any of this, and even if he had, Baby Bunny had no idea what a ringtone was and he wasn’t going to sit there when a dog could come by and chase him any minute. Baby Bunny raced back towards his home under the bush, but when he got there he couldn’t go under it to the burrow like he always did, the bush was cut! The bushes had all been trimmed back and weren’t as thick as they had been that morning. Baby Bunny suddenly remember his mother telling him that the humans who lived here cut the bushes twice during the year for some reason and realized that today must be that day.

Baby Bunny hopped over to the burrow as fast as he could, he called and called for his mother, but nobody answered, Baby Bunny stuck his small head in the burrow, but no one was there. Baby Bunny’s heart sunk, his family was gone, they must have left when they heard the bushes being cut and didn’t notice Baby Bunny wasn’t with them. Now Baby Bunny didn’t know where his family had gone or how to find them, he sat on the grass and cried, “I’m lost, what do I do now? Momma! Momma!”

Baby Bunny sat in the grass crying for what seemed like forever, then he heard a scuffle coming from his right. Before Baby Bunny had time to do anything he was scooped up into a pair of large hands. Baby Bunny kicked his legs hard, he wanted to get away, he was scared. Baby Bunny knew he was being held by a human, but he didn’t know if this human was safe or not. Baby Bunny kicked and tried to get away, but he couldn’t the hands were everywhere!

As Baby Bunny struggled  a deep gentle voice said, “Easy, little guy. I’m not going to hurt you. What happened huh? Where you abandoned? It’s o.k. I’ll take care of you.” Baby Bunny peeked out from between the hands and saw a man with brown curly hair on his head and on his face as well. The man smiled, “it’s all right, my name’s Trevor, but everyone calls me Trev. I’m going to help you, but for now I’ll need to put you in here to keep you safe.”

Trevor put a large black bag on top of a stone wall in front of the building and pulled it apart with a loud ‘zip’ noise. Trev gently placed Baby Bunny inside the bag, “You’ll be o.k. here in my backpack, I need to get to class so you’ll have to come with me. Don’t worry I’ll do slow and take care of you.”

Baby Bunny pushed himself against the soft cloth of the backpack as it was lifted up into the air, Baby Bunny felt his stomach drop as the bag was lifted into the air. Baby Bunny stayed in the back of the bag pushed against it as he was moved through the air. The human Trev, walked slowly, but his steps were still uneven and Baby Bunny was bumped up and down as they moved along, but didn’t get hurt.

Baby Bunny looked around the backpack, it was full of odd things, there was a large rectangular thing that was full of paper, and a packet of wooden and plastic sticks that had one round end and one sharp end. Baby Bunny sniffed, the bag smelled strange, it didn’t smell bad, it just smelled strange. The backpack smelled a lot like the black wheels on the bottom of those metal boxes humans road around in, and Baby Bunny wondered if it was made of the same thing.

Baby Bunny stayed where he was as he felt his stomach flip again, the bag had just moved up, then it moved up again, again and again this happened. Baby Bunny didn’t understand what was going on? Where was this human taking him? Eventually Baby Bunny heard a loud, ‘clack’ and the backpack was put gently down on something hard. Baby Bunny heard a human girls voice ask, “Trev why are you carrying your backpack like that?”

Trev’s voice answered, “I’ve got a rabbit inside it.”

The girls voice asked, “What?”

Trev said, “There’s a rabbit inside, look.”

Trev opened the bag with another loud ‘zip’ a stream of light came in and Baby Bunny looked up, he saw several humans all starring in at him, several of them said, “Aw, how cute.”

One girl said, “Why’d you bring it here? You should have just left it alone.”

Trev said, “It was abandoned.”

Another girls voice said, “Maybe you should give it to the natural sciences department.”

Trev said, “No, he’s staying with me.”

Before anyone could say anything else another voice popped up from the other end of the room, “Alright everyone, take your seats and we’ll continued our analysis of T.S. Elliot.”

There was a scrap of chair as the same voice asked, “Why where you all crowded around Mr. Steven’s backpack?”

Trevor answered, “There’s a rabbit inside.”

The voice asked, “I beg your pardon?”

Trev said, “I have a rabbit in my bag Professor.”

The professor person paused for a moment before saying, “Well, just don’t let it escape.” Then he said, “all right now, T.S. Elliot.”

Baby Bunny listened as the ‘professor’ man talked, but he didn’t understand any of it, Baby Bunny had no idea what T.S. Elliot was or, what T.S. Elliot had to do with Imabic Pentamiter, or The Wasteland. It had been a long day, and Baby Bunny was very, very tired so he closed his eyes and took a nap. Baby Bunny didn’t wake up until he felt the backpack move again, Baby Bunny sat waiting as Trev took him to a new place. Baby Bunny waited wondering where they were going and what was going to happen to him, Trev had said Baby Bunny was staying with him, but Baby Bunny didn’t know what that meant or if he would like it with Trev.

Baby Bunny wanted to find his family, but he knew it wasn’t possible, he had no idea where his family was and he couldn’t just go hopping off one way or another and somehow manage to find them. Baby Bunny hoped that his family was o.k., he hoped that his parents and brothers and sisters were alright, most of all Baby Bunny wished he had listened and stayed home with his family because he wouldn’t have lost them if he hadn’t wandered off.

Baby Bunny felt tears coming to his eyes, and started to cry again. He wanted to go home to his nice warm burrow, he wanted to sleep curled up with his mother and brothers and sisters, he wanted to eat some clovers and bounce around in the bush. Baby Bunny was jerked out of his thoughts as Trev put the backpack down again, Baby Bunny could tell the backpack was sitting on something soft, but didn’t know what it was. Trev said, “Alright, we’re going to take you to the vet then we’ll go home.”

There was a loud noise that made Baby Bunny jump then they were moving, again, Baby Bunny was moving faster than before, but it was much steadier that it had been when Trev carried him. Baby Bunny peeked out through the back pack where Trev had left it undone and saw a pane of glass, behind it, trees, poles, buildings, and other things flashing by quickly. Baby Bunny sat watching things move by until they stopped in front of a large red building, Trev lifted the backpack up, “Alright here we are.”

Trev walked into the building after a while they were greeted by a smiling human with long dark hair and dark skin. She looked in and said, “Well, what have we here? Let’s take him inside and have a look.” the lady reached in and picked him up, Baby Bunny kicked, but she was holding him by the neck and it did no good. The lady said, “Take it easy, it’s not that bad.”

The lady poked and prodded at Baby Bunny, then she took out several long metal things. Baby Bunny closed his eyes and felt something sharp prick his back then a sting that seemed to be everywhere, in his he yelled as Trev stroked him, “It’s o.k., it’ll be over soon.”  Baby Bunny felt two more sharp stings and felt tears well in his eyes, it hurt a lot! Baby Bunny cried again as the stings continued to burn, Baby Bunny didn’t understand why this human was poking him with sharp things or why Trev wasn’t doing something to stop her. Maybe Baby Bunny had been wrong about Trev being a nice human, maybe he really was mean.

The lady said, “All done. O.k., he seems to be fine, no diseases no ticks, no problems what so ever. You can take him home, here’s some information about rabbits, and I want to see him again in three months. And no more carrying the poor little guy around in your backpack.”

Trev said, “I know that hurt, little guy, but this lady is a Vet, she takes care of animals who are hurt or sick and makes them feel better. I brought you here so she could make sure there’s nothing wrong with you and to give you shots so you don’t get sick later. I know it hurts a lot, but you were really good, and I’ll let you meet my cat Mischief, she’ll give you some nice milk.”

Trev put Baby Bunny back in the backpack and took him out to the metal box, they got in and Trev started to make it go again. This trip seemed much longer than the first, but soon they stopped. Trev lifted him out of the backpack and said, “well little guy this is your new home.”

Baby Bunny looked up and saw a small blue building, Trev said, “This is my house, I live here with four other guys, and my cat Mischief, she just had two Baby Bunnytens and you’ll be staying with us. Don’t worry Mischief isn’t going to hurt you.”

Trev carried Baby Bunny inside, the house was warm and nice inside the room they went into was yellow with nice squishy things to sit on, Trev turned and walked them down a narrow passage then they came to another room, “this is my bedroom.”

Baby Bunny looked around and saw another room, this one was blue like the sky, there was a window in front of Baby Bunny, and next to it a large stick with some pads on it that looked like a tree, but Baby Bunny knew it wasn’t a real tree it didn’t have any leaves and it didn’t smell like a tree. Baby Bunny wondered what the thing could be as he looked around the room and saw a big rectangular thing in the corner that was made out of wood and had some strange cloths all over it. Trev pointed to the rectangular thing, “This is my bed.” Then he turned there was a big wood thing behind them with another wood thing in front, “This is my desk and chair, and this is Mischief.”

Trev bent down and Baby Bunny saw a large brown cat looking at him, the cat was big and fluffy looking, she reminded Baby Bunny a little of his mum with her soft brown fur. She was sitting in a basket with two Baby Bunnytens curled up next to her. Mischief purred, “Hello, and who are you?”

Baby Bunny sniffed, “My name is Baby Bunny, I lost my family and Trevor brought me home.” Baby Bunny felt tears falling down his eyes, he could tell that Trev was a nice human, but he missed his home and his family.

Mischief bent down and sniffed him, “I’m so sorry, I’d try to help you find your family if I could, but I don’t think that’s possible. I know it’s hard for you right now, but  I promise we won’t hurt you. You’ll be safe here with us. Trev is a good human and he’ll help take care of you” Mischief moved forward and gave him a gentle lick, “Why don’t you meet my kittens?”

Trevor carefully placed Baby Bunny down, making sure to keep a close eye on him, Mischief lifted Baby Bunny up in her mouth and sat him down next to two small kittens. One was dark brown like Mischief and one was a soft red. Mischief said, “Baby Bunny these are my kittens, this is Bogie.” She pointed at the brown kitten, “and this is Radio” she pointed at the red kitten “Boys this is Baby Bunny.”

The two kittens padded over and began to smell Baby Bunny, Baby Bunny giggled as their soft whiskers brushed across his face and he rubbed his nose against them as well.

Bogie said, “He’s not a cat.”

Mischief said, “No he’s a rabbit, he’s going to be staying with us, our human found him and he needs a home, so I want you two to be nice to him.”

Radio said, “O.k., Baby Bunny do you want to play?”

Baby Bunny said, “No.” He didn’t want to play, he wanted to go home to his family.

Mischief said, “why don’t you two play, and maybe Baby Bunny will join in later.”

Radio tapped Bogie, “Tag your it.”

Bogie soon bounded off after Radio and tapped him on the tail, “Tag you’re it.” Radio laughed and ran after Bogie as he took off in the other direction, Trev laughed as the two jumped and played batting at each other. Baby Bunny sat next to Mischief watching Bogie and Radio play, the two kittens seemed nice enough, but Baby Bunny couldn’t help being scared, this was an entirely new place with entirely new creatures and Baby Bunny wasn’t sure what would happen. Baby Bunny didn’t know a lot about cats, he didn’t know if Bogie and Radio would play nice or if they might be mean to him, Baby Bunny stayed close to mischief because he didn’t know where else to go.

Baby Bunny felt his stomach rumble, he hadn’t eaten since that morning, Mischief looked down and asked, “Are you hungry?”

Baby Bunny said, “Yes” quietly.

Mischief rolled onto her side, “You can have some of my milk.”

Baby Bunny looked at her, he wasn’t sure about this, Mischief was a cat after all and Baby Bunny didn’t know if he was supposed to eat cat milk, but eventually his hunger overcame him and he started to eat. The milk tasted a little strange, but it was good and Baby Bunny ate his fill.

Once he ate Baby Bunny sat back and watched Bogie and Radio play, Radio shouted, “I can jump farther than you, watch.”

Radio bent his legs then jumped into the air, he jumped from the floor to the top of the chair sitting by the desk.

Bogie said, “no you can’t.” then he bent down and jumped onto the chair to.

Trev shook his head and picked the two kittens up, “no jumping on the furniture you two.” Trev walked over and put the two Baby kittens down next to Mischief in the basket.

Mischief scolded, “Boys that was naughty, you know you’re not supposed to jump on the furniture.”

Radio bent his head and whined, “But Mom, we want to jump.”

Bogie said, “Besides, no one was there.”

Mischief said, “It doesn’t matter, you stay off the furniture, if you want to jump that’s what the play tree is for.”

Mischief pointed to the stick thing Baby Bunny has seen when he first came into the room, “that’s what the play tree is for, now you two play nice.”

Bogie and Radio both went over to the play tree and started jumping onto the stuffed pads. They couldn’t go too high because they were both so little, but they laughed and jumped from one to another. After a while Radio and Bogie jumped off the tree and started playing with some other things, there were few stuffed mice and green ball that would ding like a bell whenever you hit it.

Baby Bunny saw the ball and remembered the one he’d seen that morning, Baby Bunny wanted to try this ball it looked like fun. Baby Bunny hopped over and looked at the ball, he wanted to play, but he wasn’t sure if he should. After all chasing after a ball was what got him into trouble in the first place and Baby Bunny didn’t want to cause any trouble. Baby Bunny continued to stare at the ball while Bogie and Radio batted their toy mice into a corner and went running after them.

Mischief padded up behind Baby Bunny, “You can play to.”

Baby Bunny looked back and forth between Mischief and the ball. Finally, he hopped over and pushed the ball with his front paw, the ball didn’t go very far, but it still dinged and Baby Bunny laughed as hopped over and hit the ball harder. Baby Bunny kept chasing after the ball and hitting it, the ball made a loud ‘ding’ every time and Baby Bunny couldn’t help enjoying the toy. Baby Bunny hit the ball extra hard and it went rolling over to Bogie, Baby Bunny starred at the kitten feeling nervous, but all Bogie did was bat the ball back at Baby Bunny.

Baby Bunny rolled the ball to Radio who pushed it back to Baby Bunny and soon the three of them were playing catch. Baby Bunny laughed as the rolled the dinging ball back and forth between the three of them. It was the first time Baby Bunny had really laughed since he’d found the bushes cut that morning. Baby Bunny continued to play with Bogie and Radio, he saw that the two kittens were actually very nice and started to have fun with them.

After a while Mischief went back to her basket and lay down, making sure to keep an eye on all three of them. Trev brought Mischief some food and water then gave her a long pet as Baby Bunny started playing tag with Radio and Bogie.

Trev picked Baby Bunny up and said, “We need to give you a name little guy. I know how about Kit what do you think?”

Baby Bunny considered it for a moment before deciding he liked it, Trev said, “Kit it is then.”

Trev placed Baby Bunny, now Kit, back on the floor. Mischief purred and gave him a gentle lick, “Welcome to the family Kit.”

Kit said, “Thanks, I think I’m going to like it here

As night fell Kit started getting tired and said, “I need some sleep.”

Radio said, “Over here.” as he curled up next to Mischief, Bogie followed, but Baby Bunny held back, he wanted to make sure it was o.k.

Mischief purred, “Come along Kit, it’s late and you’ve had a long day, you need your sleep.”

Kit hopped over and curled up between Bogie and Radio the warm press of fur and feel of everyone breathing around him helped Kit relax, and he was soon sleeping deeply in his new home wondering what new things would happen next and what kind of new life he’d have here with Trevor, Mischief, Bogie, and Radio. As Kit fell asleep he realized that things would never be the way they had been before, but that didn’t mean things could be just as good, if not better than they had been if he was willing to give this a chance.


The End


Breanna Cardinal





Look at the stars what do you see? Inside the stars is where I will be.

When you’re lost and afraid don’t shed a tear just look at the stars and I’ll be there.

When we’re apart and far away the skies will unite us always.

I’ll be there when you fall apart, and we will watch over each other always.

When we’re together will see the sky above us wild and free just as we were meant to be.

Look at the stars and you will see that inside the stars you’ll always be free,

and when you’re amongst the stars you are with me.


Breanna Cardinal

The Choice


There were people who came from all around just to see you stand your ground.

Will you succeed where others failed or will you simply be lost as well?

Will you fight to the bitter end? Standing tall without a sign of fear?

Or will you turn your back on your friends and turn tail again.

The answer to these questions I can not give for this was the decision you needed to make alone,

you must decide to stay or not, but I know you struggled because you realized (as we all did) that

this was your one and only choice to speak in your one true voice, to choose the path or your own

life, and to show us all who you truly were. And on that day, I can honestly say that I was not

disappointed at all.



Breanna Cardinal

Forget me not

Forget me not


Forget me not my darling, my one and only love.

Remember me as though I where the flowers in the spring.

forget me not my treasure, my soul, my one true love

forget me not oh beautiful one whose face I carry in my eyes

whose voice rings in my ears, whose spirit is large enough to take up the whole of my heart.

Forget me not my lovely, for it is you who sustain me through the day

Forget me not my lovely for without you I will lose my way.

You are my dearest my truest friend, and other side.

Without you I can not see, and am always pushed aside.

Forget me not sweet darling for I know you are so true,

Forget me not my treasure for I belong to only you.


Breanna Cardinal

Love is the way

Love is the way


Once I lay in darkness, I Let it consume me, and as time went by the pain just passed right through me. But then one day you came from the shadows of a forgotten time and on that fateful day I felt the goodness rise again. We were once against each other, fighting one another, but no matter how hard I pushed you away, or how bad things became you never gave up on me. In you I saw myself as the one I used to be, though you I found my way, even though I’d given it up long ago, I saw my path unfold once more as I looked into your eyes. You are savior, now and forever, you rescued me and I will protect you no matter how far you go. I’ve had my day, I’ve seen the light in the darkness, I’ve been reborn and so I say that love is the way. I’ve had my say, I’ve lived my way, it’s been my day, love is the way. I will watch you always, I will be there to protect you from the dangers that come and pull you from the deepest hole. Without you I know I’d be lost forever, so no matter what you do I will always be standing beside you, and if you should ever lose your way I will be there to find you. I’ve had my day, and now I stand here and say that love is the way. I hid myself from the world and became an empty shell and the day you came into my life I knew you’d seen right through me, you came into my darkness and rekindled the light. You penetrated the shadows that I’d cloaked myself in, you saved me from the evil and retrieved the good I’d forgotten was inside me, you helped me find what I had lost and brought me into safety. I’ve had my day, I’ve been around and back again, I may have strayed, but now I stand here and say that love is the way. Now times have changed, but you are still with me, I don’t know how you could ever forgive me, but I look to the heavens above and thank the one in charge for bringing you into my life on that long ago day. Through you I found my way, and now I stand here and say that love is the way.

Breanna Cardinal