life doesn’t always go your way. shit get over yourself, life isn’t just about you.

there are disappointments and there’s regret, there’s sadness and there’s grief.

nobody said this life would be easy.

it comes with challenges, it comes with struggle, it comes with trials and it comes with dead ends.

I suppose the people that say life is grand, are living in a perpetual dream.

there’s no such thing as never ending bliss. it’s just not how life is.

that happy face gets tired of smiling.

sometimes I feel numb inside and feel sad.

thank goodness it doesn’t last forever, like it once did.

please tell me I’m not the only one that experiences these emotions. tell me I’m not alone.


The Loss Haikus

For some reason, I’ve been coping with loss this week by writing haikus. Their order, their poignancy makes sense to me right now.

Loss Haiku #1

The shuddering breath

We cry with bodies entwined.

Is he really gone?


Loss Haiku #2

Eyes swollen from tears

Skin draped over tired bones.

Was it me who died?


Loss Haiku #3

Charcoal fog hanging

I bite into the sorrow

and keep on walking.


Copyright Kate Bitters

The Coin

Once more the dark figure
comes out of the evening shadows
at the edge of the woods
tossing his coin up,
letting it land in his palm,
and someone is gone.

The river flows,
bright in sun
dark in shadow.

He looks at the coin
and tosses it again.

The river flows
bright in sun
dark in shadow.

Did you see him,
the day you fell?
Did he fall beside you?

Or did he come before,
one of those winter nights
that I would awake
and see you at the window?
Was he there,
standing under the burgundy leaves of the maple
out of the streetlight’s circle
tossing his coin?

The river flows
bright in sun
dark in shadow.

I thought I saw you today
bending over the wild asters
but it was just a small movement of the willow branch
and a fluttter of startled sparrows.

The river flows
bright in sun
dark in shadow.

Copyright Kay Winter