The Unliving

We are the unliving
Unliving our lives
Not wanting the life we live
Doing nothing to change it
Doing nothing to break the cycle
Dragging ourselves through the day
Afraid to ask for help
Afraid to tell the truth
Fear is our constant companion
Small most days, but constant
It dictates our every word
It dictates our every decision
This small worm, an infection making us the unliving
We have to take the medicine to cure this infection
We have to take the medicine that will make us brave
That medicine is called love
It’s a powerful medicine
But it’s hard for us to swallow
We don’t think that we deserve it
We fear it’s not true
We fear
Take your medicine
Share your medicine
Receive the medicine you are given
There is an abundant supply in every breath
Encourage others to take their medicine We can not live this life in fear
This world can not live this life in fear
Love is not sex
Sex is not love
We get those confused
Love comes from the heart
Love is received by the heart
It’s time to stop this unliving
It’s time just stop this unloving
For all of us
It’s time for all of us to live our lives
It’s  time for all of us to love our lives


Heart on Hand

And I walked away. I thought I felt my heart on my hand.
So I walked away…saying good bye to our caring ways; 
to messages during the day and talking the night away; 
Photos from his travels when he wasn’t too busy to share.

But I was the tenth on his priority list…
Respected father and avid traveler.
With a profession that keeps him on an airplane diet.
A great source of DELTA Biscoff cookies…
That he dealt very often to his sugar junky. 

Accommodating to his world, I found myself…
Like dating a ghost in a  relationship of two.
Feeling like falling and fearing and afraid to do…
I was his tenth…he was my two. 

I really don’t remember how I let that happen…
But my heart was indeed on of my hand unsettled ,
And as I was walking away, the silly heart jumped away from my hand… 
“I will stay by his side” my heart exclaimed. “I won’t let you forget the sweetest things he said”.


…And this was the last time my heart was felt beating. It has been missing for a while and I wander the world heartless, and in a hurry  to gather at the very least, all the broken fragments. I wish my heart would had not left me in such a rush. I wonder if it is hurting, or if it is left by the  road.

I desperately offer a hefty reward, to anyone with information that leading  to the capture and questioning of my broken heart. But you must deliver every piece you find. Please do not keep a little piece for yourself, because I should be the one who gives my heart away.

It could be hiding in the most unexpected place, the kind I fail to check again and again. If you are going hunting for my heart, you better realize, that it’s difficult like no other and runs extremely fast.  But if you handle it with care, even if pieces is what you get, my heart will smile at you and surround to the sweetest ways.


Copyright Juliana M. Martinez Fajardo